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Resources for Those Affected

Below is a list of websites for that may be helpful for those that are affected.

Department of Corrections
On this site, you can access the DOC inmate locator, find out facility information and directions, visiting information, parole board hearing schedules and lots more.

Colorado Department of Corrections


Parole Board Members
The Colorado Board of Parole is comprised of 7 members who are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the state Senate. If you need to contact the Parole Board, the address is 1600 W. 24th St., Bldg 54, Pueblo, Colorado 81003 and the telephone number is 719-583-5800.

The current members of the Colorado Parole Board are:

Dr. Anthony Young, Colorado Springs, citizen member, Chairman

Brandon Shaffer, Longmont, citizen member, Vice Chair

Alfredo Pena, Denver, citizen member

Rebecca Oakes, Denver, citizen member

Joe Martin Morales, Silverthorne, law enforcement

John O'Dell, Loveland, law enforcement

Denise Balazic, Aurora, parole or probation


Parolee Resources

Getting On After Getting Out: A ReEntry Guide for Colorado

Housing Resources (161k PDF) – List of day shelters, overnight shelters, and transitional housing.

Help with Finding Employment (170k PDF) – List of organizations that help people with criminal records find employment.

Medical, Substance Abuse, and Mental Health Resources (185k PDF) – Contact information for medical, dental, substance abuse, and mental health services throughout Colorado.

Information for Veterans (31k PDF) – Information specifically for veterans on benefits and programs designed to specifically to work with veterans coming out of prison.

Never Going Back:7 Steps to Staying Out of Prison

Places to Find Help (140k PDF) – Resources for different kinds of help in the Denver metro area and statewide.


Children of the Incarcerated
The following websites have information about the impact incarceration has on children and families or programs that offer services to children with an incarcerated parent.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado, Inc.

Parenting from Prison

Families and Corrections Network – Families and Corrections Network is an organization that maintains extensive research and tips for families separated by incarceration. It also has links to other organizations and information.

Family Service Organizations (13k PDF) – Contact list for several community organizations and government agencies that provide assistance on family matters.


How to Find an Attorney
If you need a criminal defense attorney, the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar has a list of attorneys on their website.

The Colorado Criminal Defense Bar


Contact List for Courts
The Colorado State Judicial Branch has a map of Colorado by judicial district. By clicking on the judicial district you need, you can access contact information for the district court, county court, clerks, and probation department for that judicial district.

Judicial Districts of Colorado


District Attorney Contact List
If you need to contact the District Attorney, the following provides the names and contact information of all the elected district attorneys in Colorado.

District Attorney Contact List (57k PDF)


Every year, 28% of people who are sent to prison were revoked for a technical violation of parole.

Colorado prison population has grown 604% since 1980, while the population of the state grew 59%.

69% of people in Colorado prisons for drug offenses, are people of color.

The DOC projects that by 2008, 1 out of 5 people in Colorado prisons will suffer from a serious mental illness.

The Dept of Corrections budget is $703 million, up from $70 million in 1985.

90% of women in prison were assessed to be in need of substance abuse treatment.