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CCJRC is here to help people who are impacted by crime and the criminal justice system. We don’t provide direct services but we know a lot of community-based service organizations that do and we’re happy to make suggestions and connections. We are also available to answer questions or help you navigate the criminal justice and health care systems.


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This 230 page book provides extensive information to help people prepare for release and successfully reintegrate back into their families and communities. This publication is helpful for people involved in the criminal justice system, their families, community service providers and criminal justice professionals.

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The book Never Going Back: 7 Steps to Staying Out of Prison encapsulizes the cognitive restructuring approach of Second Chance Center, which promotes sustained behavior change. Though not an autobiographical work it does reflect a transformational journey that was many years in the making.

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Serving time in prison does NOT mean that you have lost your right to make decisions about the care of your children or that your relationships with your children have become any less important.

Download Parenting From Prison: A Resource Guide for Parents Incarcerated in Colorado [PDF]

In 2014, legislation was passed that created a grant program in the Colorado Department of Corrections to fund community and faith-based organizations to help people leaving prison find housing, employment and assist with many other transition needs.

The following is a list of the community nonprofit organizations that are available to help people on parole in Colorado. Services are free and people can contact the programs directly or people can be referred to any of these programs by his/her parole officer or DOC community reentry specialist.

Download the WAGEES Community Reentry Program List [PDF]

  • Colorado Criminal Defense InstituteFind out more about free legal clinics across the state to help with record sealing, expungement, sex offender de-registration and orders of collateral relief
  • Colorado Department of CorrectionsOn this site, you can access the DOC inmate locator, find out facility information and directions, visiting information, and administrative regulations.
  • Colorado Division of Adult ParoleOn this site you will find locations of parole offices in Colorado and reentry resources available through the Department of Corrections
  • Colorado Board of ParoleOn this site you can find contact information for the Parole Board, the parole hearing schedule, and lots more.
  • Second Chance Center:  The goal of Second Chance Center, Inc. is to provide critical transition services and support to men and women after periods of incarceration. Second Chance Center offers clients multiple services to assist their transition to success.
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