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Learn more about CCJRC as we work to advocate and organize for public safety strategies that are more holistic, effective and just.

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CCJRC Annual Fundraiser, Mile High Station: September 26, 2018


CCJRC Special Report on Drug Felony Filing: March 2018 [PDF]

$1 Billion Prison Budget Looms for Colorado
A surge in drug felony filings — mostly for simple possession — is driving demand for prison beds and having a disproportionate impact on women.

This 260 page book provides extensive information to help people prepare for release and successfully reintegrate back into their families and communities. This publication is helpful for people involved in the criminal justice system, their families, community service providers and criminal justice professionals.

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Incarceration Crisis in Colorado Thumbnail

Incarceration Crisis in Colorado

Over the past 35 years, the state prison budget has exploded by almost 1288% and we’ve seen an unprecedented growth in the prison population.

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People Impacted Thumbnail

People Impacted

When you combine the closing of mental health facilities with a war on drugs, you get an enormous ripple effect across our communities.

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Public Safety That Works Thumbnail

Public Safety That Works

We’re often ignoring alternative strategies that do work to prevent crime. For example, research shows that higher levels of household income are associated with lower rates of intimate partner violence against women.

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Compromising Our Children

Compromising Our Children’s Futures

The unprecedented growth in prison spending is one of the reasons that Colorado ranks at the bottom of states for public investment in education.

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