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Learn more about CCJRC as we work to advocate and organize for public safety strategies that are more holistic, effective and just.

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CCJRC Annual Fundraiser, Mile High Station: September 27, 2017

Black Voter Survey: We Need Your Voice!!

CCJRC is working to ascertain why 50% of African American folks chose not to vote in the last election and how we can better support our community with regards to upcoming elections. We have this survey in place for people of color to help us develop strategy for 2018. If you did or didn’t vote in the last election would you be willing to take it? Also, we are asking people to share the link on their social media pages and with their personal contacts. This is an anonymous survey unless you want to give your contact information.

This link is if you did not vote…


And if you did vote, here’s one for you…


Canvassing Project

We are hosting a canvassing project for the next month or so to find out how to increase voter turnout among people who identify as Black, African, African American or Mixed Race. Please come join us and help with this important project!! Call 303-825-0122 or email Alex Landau for more details.

Community Festivals

CCJRC tables at several community festivals, come join us and help spread the word. To volunteer, contact Pam at

Free Legal Clinics

The Colorado Criminal Defense Institute offers free legal clinics to help people with sealing, expungement, sex offender deregistration and orders for collateral relief.

Learn more about upcoming dates and locations.


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Incarceration Crisis in Colorado

Over the past 35 years, the state prison budget has exploded by almost 1288% and we’ve seen an unprecedented growth in the prison population.

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People Impacted

When you combine the closing of mental health facilities with a war on drugs, you get an enormous ripple effect across our communities.

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Public Safety That Works

We’re often ignoring alternative strategies that do work to prevent crime. For example, research shows that higher levels of household income are associated with lower rates of intimate partner violence against women.

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Compromising Our Children’s Futures

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